SPOT My Globalstar provides location-based enterprise solutions with a tailored array of Globalstar GPS tracking devices, such as SPOT X, Trace and SPOT Gen3.  Managers can interact with all devices and operators from a single, centralized, cloud-based platform that provides live or historical tracking of personnel, vehicles, and assets on-demand.

Key Features

Live and Historical Tracking

Stay aware of personal and asset activity by tracking them via Mapbox


Take advantage of the extensive reporting capabilities that provide valuable data and monitoring opportunities.  SPOT My Globalstar provides scheduled or live reporting.

Live Alerts

When you're unable to keep up, SPOT My Globalstar keeps you in the loop.  Set up customized alerts that can include low battery, input triggered alerts, stopping points, geofencing, and much more.


Circles, squares, you name it.  With our geofencing capabilities you can assign various shapes and colors to visually identify different personnel and assets that are being tracked.


Grouping gives the customer the ability to add and and organize units per their operational requirements.  You may group based on country, city, state, job site, assets, vehicles, individuals, etc.


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