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Sat-fi 2 Service Plans

  • 12 month term applies.

  • Early termination of the service agreement will require customer to pay an Early Termination Fee in the amount of 100% of the outstanding balance of the contract, plus the full amount of any credits issued during the Term (including promotions).

  • Voice calls within Home Zone will be billed first minute then 30 second increments

  • Roaming and Long Distance Calls (outside of Home Zone) will be billed first minute then 60 second increments

  • Subscriptions on the same annual plan and the same account will have the minutes pooled.

  • Unused airtime will not be rolled over to the next billing cycle.

  • Directory Assistance for Sat-FI 2: Press "1" + "local area code" + "555.1212" + press "Send". A service fee of $0.99 cents per call and applicable airtime charges may apply.

  • Duplex Terms and Conditions

  • Each Sat-Fi2 has a one time Activation Fee of $50

Sat-Fi 2  Coverage Map


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