SPOT Trace Asset Tracking Device
  • SPOT Trace Asset Tracking Device

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    Using 100% satellite technology, SPOT TRACE is a theft-alert device that affordably provides satellite GPS location services and movement alert monitoring, independent of cell tower, radios and Wi-Fi.  Perfect for fleet and equipment managers, SPOT Trace sends its GPS coordinates within 8 meters to smart phones, tablets or computers allowing managers to monitor assets and track their movements in near real-time via Google Maps TM....regardless of how remote the places your equipment is located.


      *Tracking:  View your asset's GPS coordinates online in near real-time.

      *Movement Alerts: Receive notifications when SPOT's vibration sensor detects your asset has new movement.

      *Dock Mode: Configure SPOT TRACE to track an asset that is primarily stored on the water.

      *Power Off Message:  Receive a notification if SPOT TRACE is powered off

      *Low Battery Message:  Receive a notification when TRACE's batteries are low.

      *Status Message:  Receive a daily alert to let you know where your asset is starting the day at.




      Fleet and equipment managers know that asset management and loss prevention are two of their biggest and costliest concerns.  Now thanks to SPOT Trace, asset tracking, monitoring, theft-alert and recovery have never been easier and more affordable, especially when your equipment is located in very remote worksites that are hard and expensive to get to.  SPOT Trace is small, easy to install and deploy, has long battery life and allows managers to view the exact location of their equipment within 8 meters using Google Maps.